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Welcome to Twitch Plays Skyrim!

Congratulations on joining the adventure!

Here YOU will have impact on all manner of things that the characters we create do in the land of Skyrim.

Current Character: Klaudia Deathbringer

Take a look at the character’s page and learn their motivations and habits. Then you can jump right in and join us in steering them through their adventure.

How You Can Contribute

Use !Shop to get access to the basic menu of items you can purchase with the Gold you earn just by being in channel watching. This will alert TheRedVipre that you are browsing the store and may buy something.

Use !Buy <item> to submit your chosen item to the list of items to be added to the character.

Another crucial command to know is !Stop. Use this when you feel TheRedVipre has made a choice in the game that based on the character background, it would not have made. We’ll rewind and alter the choice if we can.

More information about Advanced Buying Options and Death.

Main Page

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