Gold is earned by being in channel.

The base rate is 25 gold / hour.
Sunspear Elite (a regular) earn 50 gold / hour.
Moderators and Subscribers earn 75 gold / hour.
Gold Members earn 100 gold / hour!

Certain events also trigger paying out extra gold to viewers.

Following earns you 100 gold!
Tweeting or retweeting about the stream earns everyone 20 gold!
Hosting the channel also earns everyone 20 gold!
Raiding earns everyone 250-500 gold!
Despite GrayKitsune’s excellent advice keeping our heavily modded Skyrim afloat, if it does crash we’ll award everyone 20 gold.
Donating earns 100 Gold Dragons for every $1 donated.
Being Awesome! I often give out Gold Dragons to people who are particularly helpful both on and off stream.

View your gold total with !Gold.


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