There and Back and There and back again
by Captain Kittles the Cheese Monger

Fralia.pngJoined Avulstien Gray-mane at Northwatch Keep to search for Thorald Gray-mane and found that he was kidnapped by the Thalmor. An epic battle ensued with the aid of Thorald, Avulstien and his men we rescued him. Upon finally fighting our way back across the land we delivered the news to the old woman, Fralia Gray-mane. She rewarded us with a lousy battle axe.

In search of a way to fund our cheese empire, we visited the Bannered Mare in Whiterun where Saadia sold us a huge assortment of cheeses. We gained a few leads from the bartender.

MercCapt.pngWe found a mercenary company in Whiterun and headed out in search of cheese and to kill a bandit leader for his bounty.

Along the road we encountered a band of Thalmor. I nearly lost my life to them after an enraged attack. My new companions proved their worth and eliminated the band and kept me alive.

The mercenaries now thirsty for blood, took it upon themselves to clear out the nearby bandit stronghold.

Aela.pngAela the Huntress also attacked us outside the stronghold. I don’t know why she attacked, but we left her bleeding on the side of the road. I hope she recovers.

At some point along the road my mercenaries and I were separated. The mercenary chief and I did a bit of hunting while waiting for the others to regroup. Time to get back on the road.

FlameWarrior.pngI met a flame warrior on my travels today. Sadly we lost a good mercenary during the fight but he died so I could live. We held a very brief service for him and continued down the mountain. May he Rest In Piece.

Before we could find a safe path to descend, we were descended upon by Imperial Soldiers and a Stormcloak prisoner. My men would not raise their swords to the authorities.

It was an enormous struggle but I was able separate them and best them. The experience however was enlightening. It led to a furious tongue lashing of my men and I feel they will now be a bit more responsive to my commands.

Ahead, we were beset upon by bandits that set up an elaborate trap on the road and attempted to extort a toll from us. Their archer quickly dispatched the slow dimwitted lug that had just received an armor upgrade.

Bandits.pngTheir numbers seemed to just multiply before our eyes. Sadly, the captain fell and I was forced to flee.

Half a dozen of the thugs chased me nearly half a mile along the road. To my surprise, the captain had in fact not died and managed to come to my aid. In a near blackout battle, we managed to finish them off.

ImperialSoldier.pngWhile recovering we were beset upon by the Whiterun guards and I cleared my fines for the cost of a fine wheel of Eidar.

I had a strange dream where I was stuck in a tutorial about some strange device. I was awoken by a courier handing me a note. TechSupport.png

Refreshed, the captain rounded up some mercenaries and we again set out to find the bandit leader.

SabreCat.pngThe creatures of the plains are a continuous menace. The dreaded Sabre Cat again took out a number of our party.

Today I had my first run in with the undead. They were surprisingly fragile compared to the tales.

We finally made our way to Robbers cove and encountered the bandit captain in her bed. Midway through the fight one of the archers arrived to assist but really she was no match for me even one on one.

BanditCapt.pngIn a moment of epiphany, I landed the final blow to the captain, saying “Stick around!” as my entire blade plunged completely through her gut.

Aslfur gave us a measly 100 gold despite my investment of nearly 1000 gold to get the company built to kill her.

To Be Continued…


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